Provesty is Indonesia's first technology-enabled peer to peer investment platform for real estate. Our vision is

to provide convenience and accessibility for everyone to invest in property with the use of technology

Provesty has a big dream to contribute in financial inclusion when investing in property. With a low entry barrier, public can also take part in domestic infrastructure development.

Through crowdfunding & peer to peer financing, Provesty helps effortlessly diversified your investment across multiple properties by investing in residential or commercial projects like homes, apartments, shops, office buildings, hotels, villas, etc. You can partially invest in not only projects close to your location, but also projects that are spread across islands throughout Indonesia like Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, or even Papua, making more distributed infrastructure and economic development feasible.

In the long run, by providing accessibility, more transparency and giving options to liquidity, Provesty aims to become the Indonesia’s first digital exchange for real estate investment with the use of our cutting-edge technology platform and data driven approach.

Work with us

Perpetual Learning

Learning and experience are something to be focus on for every individual in Provesty. Everyday we learn and finding something new together. No Politics, No BS. Sharing and asking to each other are our daily ecosystem

Agile and Fearless

We never know what’s going to work unless we try. And we could not do it in regular speed since it will cost us dearly. Move fast, break things and iterate. Mistakes are something common in Provesty. We try to revolutionize strategic but obsolete industry. That's why we need fearless creative minds that dare to face the challenges enthusiastically.

Honesty and Integrity

We’re in the middle of industry while trust become the most important value to hold. We believe in full honesty and integrity must be given for every stakeholder inside and outside of Provesty

Perseverance, Persistence and Dream big

We keep preserving, persistent and dreaming big. Small vision is a taboo mindset inside of Provesty. We dream big, as biggest as possible for how much ever the journey will go

Join us to revolutionize finance and real estate industry with technology

Current Opening (Jakarta Site)

Currently we do not have any position openings available. Please check back with us periodically.